What is happening and why??? Absolutes??? Is there such a thing anymore?

Exposing  what  the serpent, Lucifer, Devil and Satan steals, lies and destroys!

He’s a liar and murderer from the beginning and I protest online to shout it out to all!

True believer’s in ancient times have shown they would not receive any other baal, god or idol. Matter of inference, all those who were chosen mouth pieces for YHWH lived away from city dwellers, in wayside area’s. YHWH put it in them so why are we getting all these new ways of belief called faith… Don’t we know that the blind (not seeking of Him ourself) and partaking in sight of mankind to be esteemed of them? In our day we see that it is possible to depart from the faith, look and think on it. I notice the man is following the conscious mindedness of new age religion. If all are sinful, which I say we are capable of sin, than what conscious mind has ever or will ever be sufficient?

Do some real seeking, from your time in secret [alone], I found He is faithful and only He can be GREAT to show you. He didn’t put men over us and our soul, this too is an agenda disguise Satan’s using. YHWH foretold it in YeremYah. I learned in the originally language those who believed had YHWH name in their spelling to verify TRUTH. Things aren’t as they appear on earth due to the illusions put their, not by Our Creator but the one who’s convincing masses of people Lucifer is the good god, YHWH the evil, HEAVEN forgive us all. Open our eyes and clean out our heart from all wickedness Today!

Read the Word and listen to hear HIM, not of personal preference, we’ve been trained in our mind to embrace things YHWH says is abominations called good, see it! Repentance is turning back and having a renewal of mind.

Examining all things whatsoever YSHWH proclaimed, for everyone born can live as He said, but our human nature known as ‘fleshly’ and ‘carnally’ are birthed after the Devil,who is roaming. Come on look at how lawlessness is prevalent, see how all the commandments are being broken.

Understand, we aren’t saved by our works, if one truly repented and called on the name YHWH (Is. 52.5-6 among many others that were omitted, why I say seek, wholeheartedly) by obeying they become the strength, and full armour – to resist the evil one, who is ruling, binding all humans today. Also, Commandments are the school master (teacher of how to live and not die eternally, daily) Money is the source to their lead in bondage on us who believe. Abraham used it for burying his dead… YSHWH said let the dead bury the dead. Now how else can a dead (spiritually, not physically) bury a dead body???

The use of money is truly for Caesar (leaders of the world for they need it to survive and only YHWH can revive them.


Absolutes NEVER CHANGE OR WILL that’s how I am assured… by A Mighty El of all hosts…

“YSHWH ha Mashiach [not Jesus in word, for it’s a new way of deception of Satan who uses the very Word on us all] is the same, yesterday, today, and forever” (Ibrem, Hebrews 13:8)

See, a rock is unchanging until something makes it so. Many have thought to fix things in the word, I say Who can know the mind of Him??? or who can be His Counselor???


Another viewpoint:

Being Set Apart is good (a view of someone else, I question how one can only take Final Covenant writings for the foundation began and continues WITH it. YSHWH said, ‘I and my Father are ONE, this means both 1st and final Covenant equal one meaning)  and the Ruach (Spirit of Truth) leads our daily lives forward so nothing goes undone He completes all things, I am here to take care of this life and be an example.

I was born here in USA without a say and I now am aware that My Maker (One who owns me and is my El’, and there is a difference between El and god) had me born here to come out of the world to be used for His Good Will!

Biblical understanding is that those who came out of Egypt ‘a multitude’ were to learn why and how The Almighty works: (Unequal yoke with natural ways are very dangerous. Any man that leads has to be a warning, for all have sinned so this tells me 1) we’ve been desensitized in spirit to believe that man can be whatever faith over us and thus putting our lives in their decision, 2) YHWH says not to be unequally yoked, binding us all under a man… which if one seeks this it can be known the intent of it.) The whole world is going in directions toward a belief and some have said The New Testament is the only way, see here an older writing.

(Teachings in them as they come from origin of the gateway of the gods, changed several thousands of times. I found a trail and it is under titles like Druids, communism, Jesuits (Military), Mithra, Zeus and many more. Fulfillment is becoming soon to show who is in charge. The true Beast and False Messiah) This page would be so long no one would want to read it.

A Clear revelation to my search and some secrets kept from Americans, CIA agenda. Pure wickedness on these schemes.

No one can prove that YHWH exists, yet all creation shows His Handiwork’s!!!

He left a remnant (one who obeyed, believed and walked in truth) He interprets to those who seek to KNOW HIM!

Being tossed to and fro has humbled me to the degree of esteem in YHWH, though my heart felt deeply filled with sorrow as I was wrong and found guilty, I confess -ed and YHWH has brought me back to Him Praise His Everlasting Name (which means character) read on in Him and He’ll be the virtue living in you! We are both physical and spiritual beings for a purpose

Job 32:17  I also will answer my share; I also will declare what I know. Job 32:18  For I am full of words; the spirit inside me pressed on me;

Isa 41:2  Who raised up the righteous one from the east? He called him to His foot; He gives nations before him, and subdues kings; He gives them as dust to his sword, as driven stubble to his bow; Isa 41:3  He pursues them; he passes on in peace; he does not go by the way with his feet. Isa 41:4  Who has planned and done it, calling forth the generations from the beginning? I Jehovah am the first and the last; I am He.

Studying of what is on my heart, will not be concise [exhaustive or complete], but I desire fellowship with His people and we all know who we are by His indwelling. We only need to share so YHWH will direct all into right living and grow us up in a pleasant being…

Please note, these pages are NOT intended to be interpretations, for YHWH ONLY interprets, just my testifying for all to see as I learn them. Please only read and then examine for yourself as we are to judge ourselves [Col 2:16  Then do not let anyone judge you in eating, or in drinking, or in part of a feast, or of a new moon, or of Sabbaths,] two or three witnesses is what it says to be sure of truth. The reason is that they come down from Above and with those that obeyed YHWH.

THEY had been entrusted with them (YHWH Who governs His Word so they’d be Kept for as long as a remnant remains on earth and I too will trust in them, by Ruach haKodesh – in Him who reigns forever, for he is able to save and destroy both body and soul…

By the way, I’ll NOT be correcting any words in Scripture quotes, as I believe YHWH meant it when he said them, a review of the tongue/language is helpful, along with the cultural ways that were in those days. It sheds light for YHWH is, was and remains forever trustworthy!

Too many scribes (most were secular writers) have dabbled and thought to correct things, of which no one is here to check out the errors so it is very dangerous for anyone to do so there after.

 Resource for other philosophical or human concepts of idea’s of truth.

1 version states. Deu 4:2  You must not add to the word that I am commanding you or take away from it—in order to keep the mitzvot of Adonai your God that I am commanding you. Deu 4:3  Your eyes have seen what Adonai did at Baal Peor, for Adonai your God has destroyed from among you everyone who followed Baal Peor. Deu 4:4  But you who held tight to Adonai your God are alive today—all of you.

Pro 30:5  Every Word of God is refined, He is a shield to those who seek refuge in Him. Pro 30:6  Do not add to His Words, that He not reprove you, and you be found a liar.  Pro 30:7  I have asked two things from You: Do not hold back from me before I die: Pro 30:8  Remove vanity and a lying word far from me, do not give me poverty or riches; tear for me my portion of bread, Pro 30:9  that I not become satisfied and deceive, and say, Who is Jehovah? Or that I not become poor and steal, and violate the name of my God.

Rev 22:17  And the Spirit and the bride say, Come! And the one hearing, let him say, Come! And the one thirsting, let him come; and the one desiring, let him take of the water of life freely. Rev 22:18  For I testify together with everyone hearing the Words of the prophecy of this Book, if anyone adds to these things, God will add upon him the plagues having been written in this Book. Rev 22:19  And if anyone takes away from the Words of the Book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the Book of Life, and out of the holy city, and of the things having been written in this Book.


For Satan uses the word also (the serpent did, and now Lucifer is)  and confuses us to believe on twisted and partially false ways,…

Mat 4:3  And coming near to Him, the Tempter said, If You are the Son of God, speak that these stones may become loaves. Mat 4:4  But answering, He said, It has been written: “Man shall not live by bread alone, but on every Word going out of the mouth of God.” [Deut. 8:3]

I became heavily convicted to have self-control over food I didn’t know I should eat (was gluttonous, eating and drinking…Torah Dt. 21.20 and Pro_23:21. What to put in, Lev. 11.2-47, Deu_14:3-8; Eze_4:14; Dan_1:8; obeyed Torah. It was made known in this time frame the foods in search were GM with dead fetus of aborted babies. This too is a prophecy for all nations. 

YSHWH BROUGHT ME TO HEED/STOP what I was doing, Mt 15.11) and seek Heaven’s guidance on all things. By the way, foods acceptable will shed diseases and guilt, my experience to share. I will die due to iniquity’s consequence, physically, but with a clean conscience YHWH willing He molds me daily…

Mat 4:5  Then the Devil takes Him to the holy city, and he set Him on the wing of the temple. [here I see YHWH proving Satan has hold in minds of mankind ~ religiously, politically and secular THINKING] He was the governing cherub according to Isaiah (14) and Ezekiel (28), we have to know that YHWH uses things (BEASTS, TREES, WATER ETC.) to tell us of how it CAN BE UNDERSTOOD, THROUGH HUMAN THOUGHT – perception. IF NOT HOW ELSE COULD WE COMPREHEND SOMETHING WE CANNOT SEE?

Mat 4:6  And he said to Him, If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down; for it has been written: “He shall give His angels charge concerning You, and they shall bear You on their hands, lest You strike Your foot against a stone.” [LXX-Psa. 90:11, 12; MT-Psa. 91:] Mat 4:7  Yeshua said to him, “Again it is written, ‘You shall not put Adonai your God to the test.’”  Mat 4:8  Again, the devil takes Him to a very high mountain and shows Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. [here it is revealed that Satan is reigning as IF he’s god…yikes, I never knew this and now I’m watching over my thoughts with diligence.]  

Mat 4:9  And he said to Him, “All these things I will give You, if You fall down and worship me.”  Mat 4:10  Then Yeshua says to him, “Go away, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship Adonai your God, and Him only shall you serve.’” Mat 4:11  Then the devil leaves Him. And behold, angels came and began to take care of Him.

1Jn 4:1  Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are from God; for many false prophets have gone forth into the world. 1Jn 4:2  By this know the Spirit of God: every spirit which confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God.

Deu 13:1  If a prophet or a dreamer of dreams rises among you, and gives you a sign or a wonder, Deu 13:2  and the sign or the wonder which he spoke to you occurs, saying, Let us go after other gods which you have not known, and let us serve them, Deu 13:3  you shall not listen to the words of that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams.For Jehovah your God is testing you, to know if you love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Deu 13:4  You shall walk after Jehovah your God, and you shall fear Him. 


The Interpretation comes from Most High Elohim! The Key I have been freed with is to read and hear the word, YHWH completes it from on High…

(Gen. 40.8, Jud. 7.7, 9, 15; Dan 2 and 4 and 2 Pt.)  for He’s Truth and Spirit (Jn 4.24) and LIFE GIVING! There are too many things in The Torah [first 5 books, these are instructions from The Father for living, which Avraham did as you read them, listen to it closely] This is what is known as the foundation, can one stand on sinking sand and not be devoured, confused or confounded?

2Pe 1:20  Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. 2Pe 1:21  For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

2Sa 23:2  The Spirit of the LORD spake by me, and his word was in my tongue. 

Num 16:28  And Moses said, By this you shall know that Jehovah has sent me to do all these works, and that not from my own heart.


 For us all it begins here: Truly He has to view all earth’s time as one way, timing, for He Himself is ONE MINDED and never changed and doesn’t sleep, or else how could anyone come back to truth?

Gen 3:20  And the man called the name of his wife, Eve; because she became the mother of all living.  Gen 3:21  And Jehovah God made coats of skin for the man and his wife, and clothed them. Gen 3:22  And Jehovah God said, Behold! The man has become as one of Us, to know good and evil. And now, lest he put forth his hand and also take from the Tree of Life, and eat, and live forever, Gen 3:23  Jehovah God sent him out of the garden of Eden to till the ground out of which he was taken. Gen 3:24  And He drove the man out. And He lodged the cherubs at the east of the Garden of Eden, and the flaming sword whirling around to guard the way of the Tree of Life.

Why? All are pro-generationally born from the mindset the serpent’s crafty perversion (of Lucifer) until one personally recognizes and repents TO YHWH by heart, which begins at a choice in the mindset- turning away from old self way!

Gen 3:1  And the serpent was cunning above every animal of the field which Jehovah God had made. And he said to the woman, Is it true that God has said, You shall not eat from any tree of the garden?

Thoughts of: cause all small [children] and great [adults] to… Revelations 17 comes to mind because all humans are on earth and is in the midst of the waters, on seven continents. All continents have been shown to have the cup of communion in the churches.

Gen 3:4  And the serpent said to the woman, Dying you shall not die, [partial lie, physically it took a while until they died and spiritually a clear mind was already dead] 

Gen 3:5  for God knows that in the day you eat of it, even your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as God, knowing good and evil. [hmmm, weren’t we all made like YHWH to begin with???]

Gen 3:6  And the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and the tree was desirable to make one wise. And she took of its fruit and ate; and she also gave to her husband with her, and he ate. [They believed his words over YHWH’S]

Col 1:21  And you then being alienated and hostile in your mind by evil works…

1Jn 3:8  The one who practices sin is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. Ben-Elohim appeared for this purpose—to destroy the works of the devil. 1Jn 3:9  No one born of God practices sin, because God’s seed remains in him. He cannot sin, because he is born of God.

Also noting that Job, being found obedient, tested by Elohim through Satan, was protected in his soul and knew he would die one day physically.


However, I feel it is vital to warn all of what vision I have been seeing in these past 10 years but without a degree in writing, I rely ONLY on Ruach [Spirit] haQodesh [the Holy] as I have been moved to. See Abraham came out of the world’s system and began to become new [refreshed by Ruach – by being willing to exit the land…]

The references found will hopefully give light to the hidden mysteries for each one to know,‘Now is the time, today is the day of salvation ~ nearer than you believe.’ 2Co 6:2  For He says, “In an acceptable time I heard you, and in a day of salvation I helped you.” Behold, now is the acceptable time! Behold, now is the day of salvation! [ Isa_49:8, Isa_61:2; Eze_16:8;]

I’ll post books on theocracy and what the government is or intends, one can understand what the Spirit of YHWH has been warning us all about. My focus had always been lead in one-sided thinking, FAITH!

In 1995 a very dark time came upon me and I needed answers because all Pastors refused to have any guidance.This was a BIG RED FLAG! I then knew I had to get into my own working out of things. I recommend it to all for only ‘One Master’ can be assured to serve. Born with both options I have found. So be wise and decide which one you choose.

theocracy (n.)

1737; earlier as un-Latinized theocraty (1620s), “form of government in which God is recognized as supreme ruler and his laws form the statute book,” originally of the sacerdotal government of Israel before the rise of kings, from later Greek theokratia (Josephus), literally “the rule of God,” from theos “god” (see theo-) + kratos “a rule, regime, strength” (see -cracy). Meaning “priestly or religious body wielding political and civil power” is recorded from 1825. Related: Theocratic (1741).


word-forming element forming nouns meaning “rule or government by,” from French -cratie or directly from Medieval Latin -cratia, from Greek -kratia “power, might; rule, sway; power over; a power, authority,” from kratos “strength,” from PIE *kre-tes- “power, strength,” suffixed form of root *kar-/*ker- “hard” (see hard (adj.)). The connective -o- has come to be viewed as part of it. Productive in English from c. 1800.


Books for exam or rather links to them for some clarity on how the partial truths by idea’s of mankind have mixed seed with our ONCE delivered Truth!

An old version where I began to see our evolving language was vital in achieving clarity. English is 5 languages so it appears we are in Babel. It means confounded.

Ancient Hebrew

Etymology on finding origin. This really is important for we see things clearly upon gathering facts.

Years and a ton of handed down [proofs] of the ruler/god of this world can be understood, but absolute truth isn’t in any place where the masses gather or follow. For YHWH exclaimed that He reveals in the open, nothing is hidden that WILL NOT be revealed! After all, why would any right way hide???

Many guises Satan has and I’m certain and lay my life down for it to be told. His ultimate goal is to claim as many followers as he can while there is time left.

I’ll be the watchman on the wall, Shalom ~ Complete peace within to you all!

1Co 4:20  For the kingdom of Elohim is not in word, but in power.

Eternity has 2 houses, one for justice and one in torment.

(Mic 3:8)  But by the Spirit of YHWH I am full of power and justice and might, to declare to Yacob his transgression, and his sin to Israel.

About Erin

Learning immensely many things never taught, in school and mainstream media or churches, to us!
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2 Responses to What is happening and why??? Absolutes??? Is there such a thing anymore?

  1. shannon says:

    In my deep thoughts from pondering scripture I have sought after the truth beyond mere words. Hebrew concordance was the start for me. Treating the word as a hidden treasure is how the riches of heaven are obtained. As in Proverbs and many other chapters, the wisdom comes from removing the “old” mind and stepping into the unknown by faith and thus removing the veil that has blinded my eye to see the truth. It has been a joyful narrow path that a child could understand. Remember as we walk out our faith, we become renewed day by day, if we stick to the labor of love that is Yeshua!
    Be blessed all of you who read and understand.

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