The world AND her Holy days/ways! Deceived?

When I began to learn the wrong things happening, I began to be inspired to write what I see.

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By examining myself in Scripture I come to share a confession, I had been walking completely in a detestable state; thinking I was a believer [as I was taught, by faith believing in what pastor’s have handed down].

I can xonfess that I once was lost/blind and now I;m found/can see!
Amein to The KING of kings [Ruler of rulers Conqueror of conquerors, these are not seen nor are they flesh but we see them as such…]

In most recent days I have been awakened by Set Apart One [Ruach haKodesh/Holy Spirit] to the true wisdom of Abba Father, by Yahushua haMashiach’s witness He left on earth for those who desire to know.…*.html

I have been seeking my whole life [as long as I can remember anyway] to know Him, and be His without a doubt. Somehow that always seemed to be there, doubt! O how I dreaded those…

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Learning immensely many things never taught, in school and mainstream media or churches, to us!
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2 Responses to The world AND her Holy days/ways! Deceived?

  1. Shannon Wise says:

    As we all stand before a righteous creator, we tend to forget his enduring grace and forgiveness. I examine my actions during trials and always seem to forget this. Glory to
    YHVH for his mercy which is inrelenting!!!! I my humility I repent and ask for patience and transformation by his grace. In Yeshua I pray amen

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