Magnesium, Minerals and Prescription Drugs

Learning to obstaun from all things!

Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Show Archive

Our increasing reliance on prescription medications has contributed to the growing problem with nutrient depletion. The truth is that every medication, including over-the-counter drugs, depletes your body of specific, vital nutrients. This is especially concerning when you consider that most Americans are already suffering from nutrient depletion and many of the conditions physicians see in their everyday practice may actually be related to nutrient depletion to begin with.

Most every day our customer service representatives talk with customers who are interested in our products because they have read The Magnesium Miracle or Invisible Minerals Part I and II and they are starting to figure out that their fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia or heart palpitations are related to nutrient deficiencies.

And they are right, in part, and many times their chronic condition is resolved with proper mineral supplementation. But there can be an additional aggravation to the body that many of…

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