Magnesium – A Natural Anxiety Reducer – Carolyn Dean MD ND

Truth began with The Almighty and his cure is to read the word he designed to be given to all… Nutrition in minerals is key to eating. Lifestyle change [a repentant action] is vital too! YHWH bless your work Dr Dean!

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Anxiety can affect our lives dramatically. In a time when our society is more stressed than ever before, feelings of anxiety have become an everyday occurrence in many people’s lives. Because of this, natural anxiety remedies are more relevant than ever. Magnesium, a vital mineral nutrient, is perhaps one of the most important natural anxiety remedies because of its effectiveness, record of safe use, availability and value.

Anxiety Overview
Anxiety is the result of your natural fight-or-flight response being activated when it shouldn’t be. Whether it’s stress on the job, financial pressures, relationship issues, or domestic headlines like the one in Dallas, Texas this past week, when circumstances make us feel out of control our sense of survival is threatened. When that happens adrenaline is released in order to increase strength and speed, blood pressure, breathing rate, and heart rate are increased to pump more oxygen to muscles, and our brains…

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