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Hormone Balance – Carolyn Dean MD ND

Getting back to the way our body was designed through minerals is working and I am so thankful that my faith drove me to seek answers! Thanks Dr Dean!

Dr. Carolyn Dean, Doctor of the Future


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Puberty is arriving years before it should, the birth control pill (BCP) is being given to twelve-year-olds, and many women are infertile by the age of thirty. What are the connections among these facts? And what does a decade or more of using the pill, followed by a few years of taking fertility drugs, do to the delicate balance of female hormones? Millions of women baby boomers are trying to understand where—and if—hormone replacement therapy (HRT) fits into their lives. Today, more and more women are searching for safer ways to balance their hormones.

Hormones are measured in tiny amounts called nanograms and picograms. Depending on the stage in your menstrual cycle, normal levels of estradiol for a woman can fluctuate from 50pg/ml to 300pg/ml. How small are these…

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ObamaCare Website And The Ukrainian Wheat Farmers: Soviet Gorbachev’s Agenda 21 Within The U.S. Doing The Bidding Of The Rothschild Banking Cabal.

Freedom IS NOT a right, it’s a responsibility for us all to live/act on!

The fact that the ObamaCare website is a complete cluster-bungle that is totally inoperative is 100% INTENTIONAL. Hospitals are cutting thousands of jobs, undercutting a sector that was a reliable …

Source: ObamaCare Website And The Ukrainian Wheat Farmers: Soviet Gorbachev’s Agenda 21 Within The U.S. Doing The Bidding Of The Rothschild Banking Cabal.

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The Jewish Kingdom of Khazaria HIS 155 1.9

History is very important, I share for others to examine things we in America have not heard before!

Henry Abramson

By Sol Podolefsky, Di geshikhte fun di Kazarn un zeyer ideshe meluche in tsentrel Eyrope. New York: Rokhman, 1971. Page 148 (http://www.khazaria.com/sarkel.html) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons By Sol Podolefsky, Di geshikhte fun di Kazarn un zeyer ideshe meluche in tsentrel Eyrope. New York: Rokhman, 1971. Page 148 (http://www.khazaria.com/sarkel.html) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons To view the Prezi associated with this lecture, please click here.

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Magnesium – A Natural Anxiety Reducer – Carolyn Dean MD ND

Truth began with The Almighty and his cure is to read the word he designed to be given to all… Nutrition in minerals is key to eating. Lifestyle change [a repentant action] is vital too! YHWH bless your work Dr Dean!

Dr. Carolyn Dean, Doctor of the Future

Anxiety can affect our lives dramatically. In a time when our society is more stressed than ever before, feelings of anxiety have become an everyday occurrence in many people’s lives. Because of this, natural anxiety remedies are more relevant than ever. Magnesium, a vital mineral nutrient, is perhaps one of the most important natural anxiety remedies because of its effectiveness, record of safe use, availability and value.

Anxiety Overview
Anxiety is the result of your natural fight-or-flight response being activated when it shouldn’t be. Whether it’s stress on the job, financial pressures, relationship issues, or domestic headlines like the one in Dallas, Texas this past week, when circumstances make us feel out of control our sense of survival is threatened. When that happens adrenaline is released in order to increase strength and speed, blood pressure, breathing rate, and heart rate are increased to pump more oxygen to muscles, and our brains…

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Magnesium, Minerals and Prescription Drugs

Learning to obstaun from all things!

Dr. Carolyn Dean, Doctor of the Future

Our increasing reliance on prescription medications has contributed to the growing problem with nutrient depletion. The truth is that every medication, including over-the-counter drugs, depletes your body of specific, vital nutrients. This is especially concerning when you consider that most Americans are already suffering from nutrient depletion and many of the conditions physicians see in their everyday practice may actually be related to nutrient depletion to begin with.

Most every day our customer service representatives talk with customers who are interested in our products because they have read The Magnesium Miracle or Invisible Minerals Part I and II and they are starting to figure out that their fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia or heart palpitations are related to nutrient deficiencies.

And they are right, in part, and many times their chronic condition is resolved with proper mineral supplementation. But there can be an additional aggravation to the body that many of…

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Magnesium: An Essential Mineral for Your Parents


Dr. Carolyn Dean, Doctor of the Future

Elderly people in the United States represent an emerging high risk group for nutritional deficiencies. A magnesium deficit in the elderly can occur due to inadequate nutrient intakes, multiple drug use, altered gastrointestinal function and/or frequent urination. Magnesium has been targeted as a risk factor for elderly people and has been implicated in the aging process.

Aging in our industrialized society is associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, reduced insulin sensitivity and Type 2 diabetes, among other degenerative diseases. Most of us don’t know that aging is also associated with an imbalance in the levels of calcium and magnesium and dozens of other minerals almost identical with those found in people with heart disease and diabetes. Clinical studies thoroughly document the fact that people with insulin resistance (a characteristic of Type 2 diabetes) have too much calcium and too little magnesium in their cells. Interestingly, these same effects are…

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Testing and Fixing Magnesium Deficiency

I find very much truth in my body with knowing the symptoms, listening to the many voices and the doctors examinations to be a life transforming plan.
In believing that ONE Creator made solutions of nutrition our sustaining life cycle, I recommend to everyone I know to get ReMag and see for themselves while listening to their body what a difference in living can be…

WTG Dr Dean, Ginney and all who are behind this magnificent mineral!!!

Dr. Carolyn Dean, Doctor of the Future

Great video for Paleo, Optimal and Bio-hackers!


  • Magnesium is involved in 700-800 different enzyme systems within our bodies (05:09).
  • Diverse roles of magnesium (05:33).
  • Magnesium has a “push-pull relationship” with calcium.  Calcium causes muscles to contract, while magnesium relaxes muscles (05:41).
  • 80% of the population is not getting the recommended daily allowance of magnesium (07:25).
  • There are two reasons for this common micro-nutrient deficiency: (1) The soil doesn’t have magnesium. (2) There is more stress/higher demands of magnesium going on (07:37).
  • Medications, diet choices, and water sources can “bump” away, deplete storages, and bind to magnesium (08:47).
  • Amount of magnesium required to metabolize table sugar and high fructose corn syrup (08:54).
  • Common electrolyte products do not replenish magnesium (09:54).
  • Neither farmers nor organic farmers replenish the soil with minerals. Farmers would need to use rock dust on the soil to do this(11:09).
  • The soil is much lower in magnesium currently compared…

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